Aquascape PRO Signature Series Biofalls 2500 Waterfall Filter - EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY

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Product Description

Product Description

One of the biggest challenges a pond installer faces is trying to camouflage and naturalize the Biofalls® filter. Aquascape's first goal when designing their Signature Series™ Biofalls® 2500 and 6000 waterfall filters was to make these units the easiest filters on the market to disguise.

Aquascape PRO Signature Biofalls 2500 Waterfall Filter

Product Features

  • Circular Design
    Provides maximum strength, as well as an easier shape to camouflage.
  • Removeable Rock Tray
    Replaces the rock ledge. This tray can hold rocks, plants and gravel, helping to naturalize the unit.
  • Reversible Waterfall Snout
    Allows first timers the security of building basic waterfalls using the faux waterfall stone (optional - sold separately). More advanced installers will love the reversible option, giving the Signature Series™ Biofalls® waterfall filters a flat face and the flexibility of using a natural stone spillway and large accent boulders along the front of the unit.
  • Hardware Upgraded
    Stainless steel hardware provides resistance to corrosion.
    Molded stainless steel insert ensures easy waterfall snout attachment.
  • Two Bulkhead Openings
    Two bulkheads provide you with options !Allows the pipe to be run into either side of the filter for greater flexibility. Second bulkhead opening can be closed off or used with an optional drain kit, allowing the unit to be back-flushed during the season, water changes performed if desired, and easy cleaning during spring cleanouts. Allows multiple pumps and plumbing lines to be connected with ease.
  • High-Surface Area Filter Mats
    These mats have 50 % more surface area and a longer lifespan than traditional mats. Bottom line - ADI are able to pack the same amount of filtration into a smaller, easier to disguise unit.
  • 1-year warranty

Aquascape PRO Signature Biofalls Waterfall Stone
Reversible waterfall stone - looks more natural and
gives you the option of two different edges for your
waterfall spillway (optional - sold separately)

Product Specifications

  BioFalls 2500
  Aquascape PRO Biofalls 2500 Waterfall Filter
Maximum Effective Pond Volume (gallons) 2,500
Maximum Flow Rate at Filter Inlet (GPH) 3,000
UVC Included no
Inlet Size comes standard for use with 2" flexible PVC piping
Discharge Size 20" waterfall weir
Dimensions (L x W x H) 24" x 30" x 22"


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Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Aquascape
Price $528.98
Flow Rate (GPH) N/A
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