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Aquascape AquaGarden Tabletop Fountain Kit - Gray

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Also available in Mocha here!

The AquaGarden Tabletop Fountain Kit by Aquascape is a comprehensive indoor water garden kit that includes all necessary components for quick and easy setup. It's designed to fit conveniently in various indoor settings like offices and bedrooms.

The kit features a durable, lightweight injection-molded container, an integrated plant and waterfall filter, an LED waterfall light, an overhead plant light, expanded clay grow media, and decorative gravel.

The tranquil waterfall spout adds a soothing element to the space. This kit is an ideal choice for creating a personalized mini water garden indoors.

  • Measures 11.5" by 5" high
  • Holds 3/4 gallon of water
  • Container Color - Gray
  • Includes the container, upper filter, pump, plant light, waterfall light, controller, transformer, clay grow/biological media, and decorative gravel

The AquaGarden Tabletop Fountain Kit by Aquascape:

  • Built to Last: Features a durable, injection-molded container that is both lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Integrated Filter: Comes with an integrated plant and waterfall filter for clean water.
  • Waterfall Spout: Includes a tranquil waterfall spout with an integrated LED waterfall light.
  • Overhead Plant Light: An overhead plant light to illuminate and support plant growth.
  • Grow Media: Expanded clay grow media provides an ideal environment for plants.
  • Disguise Grow Media: Decorative gravel in the upper waterfall section for aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Decorative Gravel: Additional decorative gravel in the lower pond to enhance beauty and support beneficial bacteria.


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