Aquascape BioBalls


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Product Description

Aquascape BioBalls™ provide a textured surface area (30 sq. inches per BioBall) for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. Aquascape BioBalls™ are the ideal filtration media for use in all biological filtration. Each box contains 100 BioBalls™ and fits perfectly in the Aquascape Microfalls™.

Product Features

  • Easy to clean and maintain - center channel allows the balls to be strung together, making cleaning easier
  • Textured surface maximizes space for beneficial bacteria populations and water retention
  • Water paddles maximize dissolved oxygen levels
  • Compact size allows for placement into smaller areas
  • Can be used for filtration or in de-gassing towers
  • Paddle wheel design breaks water flow, helping degas and aerate water
  • Will not break like pegged bioballs
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