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Filter Selection Guide

When selecting a filter you must decide if you are going to use a pre-existing pump with it, or choose a new one. The most common reason for a filter not performing to its fullest potential is that it’s matched with an incorrect pump. The pump and filter selection guides are vital tools for you to use in selecting the correct filter and pump to use for your application.

If you do have a pre-existing pump and are choosing a filter for it, you will need to know:

  1. The model of the pump
  2. The flow in GPH (Gallons per Hour)
  3. The maximum head the pump can create (Pressure)

Whether you have a pump already, or you are purchasing a pump based on your filtration system and requirements, Ponds Online Canada can assist you in choosing the best one for your individual needs. We have many types of filters to choose from, and each type has features and benefits that make it ideal for specific locations and applications. The diagrams below show the 2 main system types, low and high pressure and the corresponding filter types.

low pressure filter systems high pressure filter systems
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