Flexible PVC Hose 2" Per Foot


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Product Description

2" ID (inside diameter) black PVC hose per foot

Additional Information

Select the correct tubing size based on your pump's maximum flow rate. These are guidelines only. Also consult the friction loss chart at the bottom of this page when selecting the proper tubing diameter for your application.

Maximum Pump Flow Rate (GPH) Required Tubing Diameter
300 1/2"
720 3/4"
1,200 1"
2,000 1-1/4"
3,000 1-1/2"
4,800 2"
9,000 3"
12,000 4"


The friction loss chart below shows the head loss in inches for each 10 feet of tubing. To keep the friction loss to a minimum and the flow rate up, select larger diameter tubing.

Friction Loss Chart

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